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ClipArt Odissea FantascienzaWhat terrible secret lies hidden in the video clip that is about to destroy the immaculate public image of David Xander, the most admired businessman of the City, handsome as a rockstar and one of the richest men alive?
Alexandra Hill, his personal bodyguard, will have to find out, in a ruthless chase through the Suburbs and the Wastelands, following the trail of a mysterious blackmailer.

A science fiction thriller as fast paced as a blockbuster movie that plunges the reader into a near-future technological world, which brings together post-cyberpunk suggestions with the newest anime atmospheres.

ClipArt was first published in 2000 as an e-book on this website, collecting over 3500 downloads and great praise from the public.

In January 2003 the novel was bought by publisher Delos Books and published – in an all new illustrated version – in the science fiction bookseries, and quickly sold out the first edition.

In 2004 it was awarded with the Italia Award as Best italian SF Novel and in 2007 it was released and distributed for free as an audiobook, read by the author, and collected a few thousand downloads on the Itunes Music Store, becoming the most downloaded Italian SF audiobook ever.

The novella has been translated and published in Hungary by Metropolis Media (Galaktika Fantasztikus Könyvek), together with “Origami” and “Hungry Light”, in July 2008.

In April 2009, ClipArt has been republished in Italy by Delos Books, and in 2018 by Delos Digital as an e-book.